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The workshop ‘Make a Step’ is helping teenagers to be able to share and connect together and make a step forward in their life-journey. The workshop is an answer for many of those teenagers, where they are able to see that they are not alone, that they are beloved and they do matter in this world! Also, that they can make a next step in order to grow and get healed, if they need. ’Make a Step’ is challenging them and helping them to literally make the next step in their life. This is what ‘Make a Step’ literally has done already, for many teenagers, as well identifying issues what they are struggling with.

In the work with teenagers, we see a lot of beautiful things, but as well a lot of issues that teenagers are struggling with. They are growing up in a world which can be messy and in which it is hard to make the right choices or find out who they really are.

Guidance is missing and many times safety is missing as well! Many of them are growing up with violence, bullying is happening at every school, alcohol, smoking, using drugs or wrong relationships are easy to step in, as an escape from this hard world, where ‘a safe home’ is missing.

Make this step and invite us for supporting your teenagers!