In a few hours we are creating the right atmosphere and safety for the teenagers and let them adjust and feel comfortable. The activities range from having a lot of fun towards being serious and going into deep conversation. It is about who we really are, not about how we pretend or think we are. It is about reality, real connection and real life! We have seen that during this workshop, teenagers are opening up and willing to share. They connect better, they open their eyes more and more for the real world and they even connect better with leaders or vice versa.

Teenagers have shown up with issues that they need help with, what the school did not identify in years! Teenagers were finally able to ask for help, from ‘an ear to listen’ to counseling sessions. Also, we have seen that there are teenagers who changed their mind positively about commiting suicide.

The workshop teaches about mental awareness, it is a step towards a stronger identity for every individual and a stronger group bond. This makes it possible to grow, to heal and helps the teenager to have even more positive impact in their own area, where they live, simply because of the fact they see others suffering or they see their own problem not as bad as the others and their perspective changes. Also, shame is decreasing!

The workshop works if there is good cooperation with the leaders of the group, either the school or a local youth group. It works with a number of teenagers, roughly between 20/30 up to approximate 90, if a proper space is provided.

We do a lot of interaction, in order to challenge the youth stepping out of their comfort zone. This is done by some little exercises for which the positive effect has been proven, but also by the example we try to give as a team.

Practical good cooperation is necessary in order to be well prepared but also to handle the aftercare, so that the teenagers will be safe, if any hard issue is coming up. 

From the experience we had so far, we have seen the need in Romania! This can be a key in order to reach the youth on their heart level and functions as a connection between ‘problem and solution’. The concept of ‘Make a Step’ can give the breakthrough what you are waiting for!

This workshop is highly recommended by different staff members of the schools who have attended this workshop already.

‘Make a Step’ is hosted by ‘People 2 People – foundation’ in Oradea.